Questions & Answers

Q. Do you use ladders to clean my windows?

A. No, we use water fed poles, as per current HSE guidelines.

Q. How does that work then?

A. Water is pumped through a hose, up a telescopic Pole and through jets in a brush where it is sprayed onto your glass and frames.

Q. How does that clean my windows?

A. When the brush contacts with the surface of the glass and frames, it lightly agitates the surface, loosening the dirt.

Q. What happens to the dirt from my windows? 

A. All the dirt or dust particles are rinsed away by a constant stream of water applied to the glass surface,  the wet window is then left to dry naturally leaving a spotlessly clean surface.

Q. Is it normal tap water you use to wash my windows?

A. No, that would result in the glass appearing milky white in colour when it dries, so that you could write your name on the glass with your finger, this effect on the glass is due entirely to the mineral content of the tap water.


Q. So what kind of water do you use to clean my windows?

A. Pure water, the equivalent of distilled water, that is water without any mineral content such as lime or calcium, demineralised water.



Q. So your water won’t leave any streaks or milky white marks?

A. No it won’t, because when Pure Water dries it  evaporates leaving your windows perfectly clean, and as pure water does not exist naturally it will always absorb atmospheric elements (dirt and dust)as it evaporates, naturally absorbing the dirt from your windows and frames.


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