Health and safety

We use water fed poles to clean your windows for a number of reasons

  • They eliminate the health and safety concerns involving the safe use of ladders because water fed poles can be safely operated by a single window cleaner from the ground.
  • This system is the safest window cleaning method for reaching and washing exterior high windows in UK.

Advantages of the Pole System

  • Water fed poles can reach windows above sensitive ground areas such as lawns and flower beds and reach previously inaccessible areas.
  • Water fed poles can extend up to 60ft for total window cleaner safety and reduce disturbance to any occupants.
  • Conservatory roofs and windows above conservatories can be cleaned safely from a standing position on the ground.
  • Offices and commercial premises can be cleaned, even when their car parks are full, when normally this would be unsafe and make the windows inaccessible with ladders.

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